Saahas Trust

SAAHAS is a hindi word and means COURAGE

and that’s exactly what these ladys proof! a novelty for Rajastan/INDIA in a generaly masculin dominated society: the first women started & run NGO from Women for women. Now that’s what I call real empowerment … thumbs up for these couragouse ladys!!!

They provide shortterm vocational training in sewing, embroidery & other handicraft items for women in Ganeshpura-Ratanada, Jodhpur (Rajasthan/INDIA). People here live in utter poverty, many men are alcoholics & abusive, so that wives and their children are often left on their own. The SAAHAS team is working to change this scenario. They also provide assistance & coaching to the children so that with their mothers at work, their studies don’t get affected. No fees are charged for this!

so far the whole team is working without getting payed and facing a lot of challenges to change the society and realize their vision of equality!!!

now You can support this great work by

* donating any amount X for example to fund education for the children and women or to get new material or any other project you could imagine and would like to fund to be realized :o)

* volunteering to support the team directly with your knowledge, ideas and engagement in Jodhpur/INDIA or from your home ;o)

* purchasing handicrafts made by the women (see some beautiful examples in the handicraft gallery)

telling others like friends and family about this amazing & supportable project ;o)

if you wish to read more about the SAAHAS foundation visit their website

get directly in contact with them

or write to me ;o)


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