Al fin del dia…/ at the end of the day…

... miré el velocimetro y me sorprendí: wow, ya más que 4.000km's pedaleado en tan soló este tour. Sumando con todos  los otros tours hace nuevo record - chan chan: más que 40.000 kms pedaleado con sonrisas compartidas y alegria en este mundo! Eso sí hay que festejar y lo hago compartiendo un video muy... Continue Reading →



the other day I thought it might be beautiful to visualise a dream I have, so that you would be able to see and understand it better. my vision of this world and how I would love to convert it into a peaceful & HAPPY place! Have a look on my dream and feel most welcome to support me... Continue Reading →


here we go ... a new blog's born. After a looong journey on bicycle (it took me 9month on 2wheels with lots of changes 😉 to reach from Berlin-Germany to INDIA where I currently am) I start finaly publishing what I actualy do. Be surprised, estonished, excited and more than that ... HAPPY!!! 😉 Stay... Continue Reading →

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