as a professional circus arts teacher (Circusschool Bruxelles), clown (Clownschool TuT Hannover/theater-circus-school CAU Granada) and socialworker (university of applied socialciences Cologne) I come along with a huge variety of skills, expierence, curiosity and FUN. I love to share my fun and skills about theater circus performances, especially to people in vulnerable life circumstances. I believe that smiles and fun can cure psychosocial wounds and can make the personal resilience in life stronger. Aswell I know that playing in a fun way is a very effectiv method for learning social skills like cooperation, empathie and selfestime. that’s why I give workshops to people in special life circumstances I meet on my way.

I also love cycling, which for me is the most beautiful and sustainable way of exploring the world with all my senses & meeting people … and that’s what I love as well: meeting people, ’cause people are amazing! ;o)

Juchhuuu … I am alive and I love seeing people come alive while playing with them, I love seeing them smile, playing like a child and feeling light like a butterfly … even if it might be just a short moment in a burden live.

If you wish to see more about some of the projects I’ve realized so far have a look on my video or keep on reading through this blog.


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  1. Hi Juli,

    This is Danny (photographer), i met you this morning on your way to old manali. I think what you are doing is awesome, and it would be great to take some proper photos, if you are up for it? I’ll be in Vishisht for a few days, so drop me an email and let me know.

    My email is dannyfernandez1984@gmail.com,



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