Don’t stop us now… / No nos paras ahora…

... 'cause we're having a good time! ... porque lo pasamos muy bien! ​Today I went to the social educational center "rincon de luz" in Cochabamba - BOLIVIA, to give a free workshop in juggling. We played a lot and the kids enjoyed learning how to juggle with a partner. At the end of the... Continue Reading →


Sad but true… / triste pero verdad…

Just 2 days after a fulminat circus show from the participants of the social circus program for the 12th aniversary of the foundation "enseñARTE"(Cochabamba-BOLIVIA), the current ejecutive director of that foundation (Irene Soria Lopez) decided to fire the whole circus team without advice, legal right nor firm reason from one day to the other. She also... Continue Reading →

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