between the years…

Merry Xmas and a happy & peaceful new year to EVERYBODY!

today I would love to share a short story with you that happened to me in south america. Last year I was cycling and performing in many parts of the continent from Argentina to Colombia. By the time I reached Bolivia I’ve heard about a very famouse festival in Cochabamba, which happened to be just at the moment when I reached to town. The whole city was packed with people, lots of parades were held and music was played on the streets. And of corse a lot of small buisnesses popped up. On every street corner was somebody selling food, beverages, jewlery, toys, ballons, etc.

On the main place in town I met some friends and we played music together. Many people walked around the little fountain to enjoy the festivities. There were also toy-cars to rent for the children. Happy kids drove in circels on the path around the fountain. Some were pedaling themselfs, others sitting on an electric car with remote control. They were driving with their parents runnning right next to them, trying to control the car. Some could handel it pretty well, others were struggeling and made some small crashes with their child on the toy-car driving right into walking or sitting people.

In this crowd a little boy grabbed my attention. He was maybe 7 or 8 years old, wore a cute little hat and had a bunch of red roses in his hands. He tryed to sell them to people who looked like being in love. He went from couple to couple offering his roses. But most of them did not even look at him. They just send him away with a rough and denying gesture of their hands. Eventhough he did not give up and just went to the next couple offering his roses.

Suddenly he realized the children driving around on the little toy-cars. He stopped and observed them for a while. Then he went to the man who rented the electric cars asking for the prices. The boy checked the coins in his pockets and thought for a while. He turned around and went to the lady who rented the peddaling cars. Also there he asked for the prices. Again he checked the coins in his pockets. And observed the other kids on the toy-cars for a while. Then he turned around with a thoughtful expression on his face and went on offering his roses to couples.

Guess how much it would cost to make this little boy happily smile for a while?!?

In Bolivia child labouring is still very high and a “normal” habbit, due to poverty in many parts of the society.

Next year in january I will return to Cochabamba. There I will be working with a nonprofit organization called “EnseñARTE – performing life Bolivia“, founded to help impovered children and youth working and/or living on the streets. Through Circus Arts the participants can learn productive skills for avoiding drugs and delinquency while ensuring that they remain in school and receive academic support when needed. Most of the participants no longer depend on street work for their living.

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