5 questions

While cycling I meet so many different people on the way. Nevertheless usually they ask me the same 5 questions:

  1. Where do you come from? Where are you going to?
  2. Are you travelling alone?
  3. Aren’t you afraid?
  4. Isn’t it tiering you?
  5. Are you married? Do you have children?

today I met Santiago (10), Martin (6) and Sergio (5) and was pretty happy about their interesting questions. 

Here are their top 5:

  1. Is there snow in your country?
  2. Why isn’t it snowing here in Colombia?
  3. How do people speak where you come from?
  4. What do you carry in the red bag?
  5. How many people can you carry on your bicycle?

And then they inspired me where on my bicycle I could put some extra seats for passengers. Well I really enjoyed meeting these 3 fellows and once more in my live realized how happy I am that there are kids living in this world!!! ♥


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