changes …

… after 5 month in INDIA my way continued in south east asia, where I got a little cultureshock: not only that it’s way less crowded, much cleaner and more quiet & tranquil than india, people also communicate differently … some got totally blocked & even ran away from me just because they couldn’t understand me speaking english, which first confused me as on my way I already got used to communicate a lot with gestures and body language, but  than it made me learn 5 basic words in local languages even sooner as possible … a real door-opener. ;o)

from than on people in thailand, laos and cambodia were just sweet to me. they are so beautifully smiling that without a lot of words one can feel warmly welcomed and beeing part of the family very quickly. and as travelling with bicycle brings you into beautiful natur places you also reach to remote areas, away from tourism, where one can meet traditionally living people. I made some good friends on the way and am happy & thankful for this opportunity. I hope to be able to give all this hospitality and love I recieved so open & warmly back one day. ;o)



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