juggling Kolkata

currently I am staying in Kolkata with a friend who runs a little library for children of the neighbourhood (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mustard-Seeds-Kolkata/267123822813).
she asked me if I could give a small workshop on sunday morning when she usually opens the library for 2-3h and I was really happy doing so.
as I can’t carry much equipment on my bicycle and ’cause it’s good fun I organized an upcycling workshop: we produced some juggling clubs out of old, used plastic bottles and sticks we found in the nearby park earlier last week.

DSCF0046 DSCF0050 DSC05091

as well we stitched some beanbags as juggling balls, ’cause learning how to juggle is much easier and less painful with small, soft balls.

DSC05059 DSC05062 DSC05057

The kids really enjoyed the workshop and are now craving to learn how to juggle. literally every day they come up, asking if I can come out to play with them with the juggling material we builded. ;o) Whenever I have time we continue practising together.

DSC05067 DSC05066 DSC05058

I’m quite sure that by the end of my time in Kolkata some children will be better jugglers than me. ;o) and who knows, maybe they even find a time during the famous DURGA PUJA festival, which currently is happening @ Kolkata, when they can show off.



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