… like touching the moon!

I followed my new addiction and did an other high mountain ride with my bicycle:

20140726_135233[1] 20140726_134601[1] 20140725_130400[1]

from the 24.07. – 03.08.2014 I was cycling around the Annapurna-circuit in NEPAL, which was an extraordinary & quite challenging experience for me … not only because it’s actually really more a hiking than a biking path … on top it was also Monsoon time = a lot of landslides, big stones and fallen trees as well as heavy waterfalls and mud, mud, mud on the way.

20140725_145715[1]DSC04638 DSC04577

but the extremely beautiful & inspiring nature without any terrifying, horning & annoying car traffic only goats, donkeys, horses, yaks and other hikers, mostly very kind, helpful and friendly nepali people due to off-season (juchhuuu ;o)), with incredible views on wonderful mountains with glaciers as well as down into gorgeous valleys and the magical Tilicho lake (the highest lake in this world) as well as the very satisfying feeling finally on top of the Thorung la (5416m) the highest peak on this circuit and even a little bit higher than the highest pass on the Manali-Leh-highway, were absolutely worthwhile!!! ;o)

DSC04635 DSC04601 DSC04659

Even though many people I met considered me crazy being up and out there all alone with a bicycle and told me “not possible, you can’t pass there” or “that’s a really tough way”. But I made it … through all the challenges on that way … juchhuuu!!! ;o)

20140725_121847[1] 20140724_103019[1] 20140725_135114[1]

I am very happy & thankful that I am such a lucky one who survived all this adventure.

In humble thought of all those people who lately died and those who still suffer due to heavy rains, landslides and floodings in Nepal and northern India.




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