here are some helpful websites you might like to use while you're on the way the lovely cycling community ;o) plan your route & see the profil of the terrain you'll cycle through open source online travelguide for everywhere helps you plan your silkroad trip helps you plan your bicycle-trip through the Himalaya


MUSIC was my first love.  ;o) I love to share the magical music of special musicians that Xed my way ... hope you enjoy it too!!! ;o) Anil Shahi (Nepal) Sawane Khola Anoushka Shankar (India) Traveller Amores Tangos (Argentina) Parararaira Amparanoia (Spain)  el coro de mi gente Churupaca (Argentina) si vai pal sur Estas Tonne (Ukraine) song of the golden... Continue Reading →

while I'm travelling I meet sooo many interesting people ... some of them are as well travelling and some are even present in the www - here you can find your way to the blogs of some other world-cyclists I met on my way: Mingyu (Korea) & Woogie (Korea) Richard (France) & Stani (UK) Sissi (Finland) strangerless Victor,... Continue Reading →

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