the wheel of time …

that’s the literal translation of KALACHAKRA: kala = time and chakra = wheel

DSC04467 DSC04482 DSC04477

if it’s coincidence or fortune … after riding 10 days over the Manali-Leh-Highway it happend to be that I have the great opportunity to attend the 33rd KALACHAKRA confererd by his holiness the DALAI LAMA in Leh – Ladakh from the 03. – 14.07.2014.

KALACHAKRA is the most sacred teaching and practice of Buddhism for individual peace, mututal understanding, greater unity, ultimate world peace, tranquility and happiness for all sentient beings. the Kalachakra Tantra is the most profund and extensive tantric practice of all spiritual systems, offering the potential to achieve enlightment in one lifetime.

Wow, and I bump into this festivity like nothing … juchhuu I am a lucky one!!! :o)

DSC04481 DSC04485 DSC04488


2 thoughts on “the wheel of time …

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  1. You a r e a lucky one, but you are fortunate to be aware of it, too! Congratulations and good luck on your way. Barbara

  2. Hi Juli! It was really nice to meet you during Kalachakra. We are in Delhi now, on our way to ‘home’ and I will email you about the calcutta projects soon. Wish you all the best!! Willeke

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